FREE Copies of Unraveling for Teachers and Librarians

When I was teaching, I had a lot of students who said things like, “I hate reading” or “I haven’t read anything since Goosebumps in third grade.” (I taught high school English classes, so presumably anyone who had managed to get into Honors American Literature should have read something sinceGoosebumps.)

As a result I always prided myself on finding just the right book that changed their minds. Which means I know first hand how important it is for librarians and teachers to have books—and how much money it can cost (sometimes out of your own pocket) in order to maintain that.

So I’m giving away 100 FREE copies of Unraveling to teachers, librarians, or coordinators or programs that promote literacy.


Enclosed with the book will be a hard copy of the discussion guide, and I’ll be happy to personalize the book for anyone who wants it personalized. (Signed books and anything by Jodi Picoult were the most commonly stolen books from my classroom library, so I won’t take offense if you don’t want my signature.) 

If you’re a teacher, librarian, or coordinator of a program that advocates literacy, and you’d like a free copy of Unraveling, fill out this form. If you aren’t, but you know someone who is, please help me spread the word!

This is first come, first serve until those 100 books are gone. But I will ship anywhere in the US. (Sorry everyone not in the US—as I’m paying for the shipping myself, I’ve got to stay in my own budget).

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